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Coming Soon: JeWWW-TV
JeWWW-TV is Under
development for
Summer 2010


Bais Bezalel Specail Event
Sunday, January 4th 2009 - 7PM.


Torah! and the
Art of Robotic Repair.
JeWWW.org Home Schooling classes are currently under development. Sample classes will be available mid summer 2009.

Many educational experts have indicated that distance, or "e-Learning," has exploded into one of the most important aspects of education and community building in the 21st century. JEWWW.org was created to allow Jewish Learners to experience, and Jewish Educators develop this essential educational tool.

If you would like more information, please contact us at:

Jewish Education on the World Wide Web
#185 - 8950 W Olympic Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211-3575

"As soon as we extend our borders to go beyond the traditional four walls of a classroom, a deeper form of learning can begin to take place."  
-Yossie Frankel - Director of Educational Technology