Coming Soon: JeWWW-TV
Coming Soon: JeWWW-TV, under development for
Summer 2011

Founded in early 2006, Jewish Education on the World Wide Web was created to utilize 21st century technologies and teaching strategies to supply quality Judaic and Secular education to Jews all over the world.  With over thirty years of combined teaching experience, Yossie and Batsheva Frankel have been working to develop the curriculum and delivery system to achieve that mission.  Finally, in mid 2007, was introduced to the web. is currently assembling a course catalog of “pre-recorded” and
“live-interactive” classes covering secular subjects such as science and mathematics as well as Judaic studies classes including Chumash and Halacha.
To help students in distant locations that may not have access to quality Bnai Mitzvah instructors, we are preparing instruction on T’Fillah – Prayer,
Kriat HaTorah – Reading from the Torah as well as the Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Dvar Torah - the Torah Speech.  Already, Jewish Adult-Education and Outreach Instructors are taking advantage of our educational platform to offer
“live-interactive” classes from locations such as Jerusalem, Los Angeles and
New York. is looking forward to posting more sample classes on our website during the Summer of 2011.


Yossie and Batsheva Founders

Yossie Frankel, BSc Hons Math, CA/P - Yossie Frankel started his career in education in the early '80's as the micro-computer lab manager for the University of Winnipeg, Continuing Education Department. From there, Yossie went on to teach for other schools as an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, a Middle School Science Department Head, Paramedic Instructor Trainer, and a school division Director of Information Services and Educational Technology. In the late 90's, Yossie was twice nominated as a Disney Teacher of the Year for his innovations in teaching middle school science. Yossie currently works for the Shalhevet School in Los Angeles, CA as the 9th grade Physics Teacher and the Director of Academic Technology.

  Batsheva Frankel, B.F.A. - After over 8 years working in the film industry, Batsheva Frankel decided to leave it for a more lucrative and glamorous career in Jewish Education!  She then spent 8 months in Israel learning full time, after which, she returned to Los Angeles and began her first full-time teaching job, teaching middle school Jewish History.  Batsheva taught middle school Tanach for 4 years at Milken Community High School, before moving to New York and becoming a HaSha’ar Fellow at Drisha Institute. Afterwards, Batsheva became Chair of Jewish Studies and a teacher for the middle school at Rodeph Sholom Day School in New York City.  In 2003, after completion of the Isralight Women’s Leadership Training program in Jerusalem, Batsheva began teaching adults for Isralight at retreats on the East coast, as well as at workshops and classes in New York and Los Angeles.  Additionally, she has been a guest speaker or scholar-in-residence at synagogues in Delaware, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York and California.  Batsheva has taught English at Bruriah High School in Elizabeth, NJ., Tanach at Pressman Academy and is currently teaching at the Shalhevet High School in Los Angeles.  Batsheva is a published writer and is working on her book entitled, “The Other Side of the Tapestry:  Life’s Really Weird, That’s Why I Know There’s a God.”